Rwanda for Justice 
Is a Child Advocacy Agency D
edicated to 
Fighting C
hild Sexual Violence in Rwanda.

 We were founded to help Rwandans protect their children  
 from violent crime and provide a holistic approach to their long-term care.  
 Rwanda for Justice (RFJ) promotes a comprehensive approach to a 
 complex issue:

• Victim Aftercare: to return innocent children to mental and physical 
   health at our Humura Center recently opened in Butare, Rwanda.

• Education and Outreach: to help prevent child sexual abuse through   
  increased awareness of victim’s rights and resources

• Prosecution of crimes which do occur: to remove perpetrators from 
  the community, to give hope to survivors, and to reinforce the rule of 

Why Rwanda – Why Now?

There will never be a better time to make a difference in children’s lives, 
or a better time for RFJ supporters and volunteers who want their efforts 
to count for something to get involved.

You Can Help

Rwanda For Justice is seeking 
Supporters and Volunteers.

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